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Happy new yrs!

Well to everyone who reads this and I haven't talked to in the past 2 months since my last entry, Happy 2005!

2004 was a year that brought a LOT of changes to my life and I don't regret anything, but I DO miss Melbourne HEAPS! (as pointed out by someone, only aussies use the word HEAPS)

I miss driving... miss walks on the beach, I miss puccinis, Charltons n chatting with Charm, Crown Casino, Village Cinemas, Chappelis and Chapel St, La Porchetta, St. Kilda, Port Melbourne, Monash Uni, Pancake Parlour on Doncaster Rd, playing touch-screen games at bluehouse, getting Gelati on Lygon St, waiting for my bf at Melbourne Uni, going shopping at chadstone and seeing all my friends in one place.

X'mas and NY's was all rite... thanks to VnL I had a great time... and miss u guys heaps! Was great to catch up wif Mony n James. No one to play mahjong with anymore... haha Singing K heaps (huh I keep using that word don't I), and cos its so cheap here... but wish there were more ppl around. I don't wanna ask Steff cos they all think they're too good for me now I guess... but it was ok... saw them that nite at L16.

My honey is staying until march anyway so have heaps of time... and I will be going back to melbourne prob. end of April. Hopefully nothing will have changed much in Melbourne... maybe ppl miss me too...:P

Well, if I don't update as much I apologise... if u need to reach me, just email me or add me on MSN.

Miss u all... lots of luv n best wishes for the new year... *hugz* espesh paula n rosalie too c u!
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