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proud to be an asian in melb...

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Do u hang out
anywhere from the list below?

If u do then
join asianmelb!


  • White/Blue/Green/Yellow House

  • Russell/Bourke/Lt. Bourke street

  • Springvale, Footscray, Highpoint,Melbourne Uni, Monash Uni, RMIT, Holmes College, Taylors, CQU, Swinburne, La Trobe

  • Charltons/Legends/GT

  • Lucky cup/Quickly/EZway/Happy cup


  • Red Silks, Dessert House, Nan Bei He, King's Cafe, Hill's BBQ, Dragonboat

  • Gigi, Yoyogi, Izakaya Chuji, Nam Loong, BlueSky, Pho

  • Crown Casino, Welcome Stranger, Golden Nugget, Excalibur, NG, SkyHigh, N2C, AE

  • Chapellis, L'Incontro, Pancake Parlour Doncaster, Stokers, Stoke House

  • Highpoint, Southland, Shoppingtown, Chadstone

  • mIRC's asianmelb channel - Austnet server

  • QV/State Library/Melb Central/Flinders St. Station/Parliament Station

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